Befitting Books

Meet Holly Zech, Bookkeeping Professional


image of Holly, professional bookkeeper

I get the confusion. With all of your projects you KNOW you’re making money but, by the end of the month, there’s hardly anything left in the bank.

What’s even more frustrating is you’ve managed to create a Profit and Loss report for your CPA but, truly, you aren’t confident those numbers are even correct (and no one’s ever explained how they can help you strategize).


That’s where I can help.

I HELP YOU CREATE CLEAR AND ACCURATE FINANCIALS to, not only help you build confidence in your numbers, but also direct you in sustainable growth.

But Why Choose Me?

As a 21st century bookkeeping professional, I believe in keeping real time financials available to help you work smarter, not harder. 

All in all, this means we scrap the spreadsheets, automate as much as possible, and have a professional’s eyes on your books. 

As a bookkeeping professional, my love for number-crunching started in a college statistics class, developed in a furniture store assisting with accounts payable, and grew while teaching math students how to analyze and problem solve. I LOVE helping people grow and build financial confidence. 

YOU DESERVE to clearly see your financials in a way that directs you sustainably and also have that support to spend time on CEO tasks, or with loved ones, instead.

I believe time is a trade-off and burnout isn’t sustainable. 

Which is why, in MY free time, you’ll find me taking nature hikes with my three kiddos, painting some watercolor botanicals, or sipping a matcha Frappacino while browsing around plant nurseries.

“Befitting Books helped me have more confidence in starting my business venture. Thank you so much, Holly, for responding so quickly, for your careful attention to detail, and making sure that everything I need, and will need will be covered. She also gave me a lot of tips in establishing my business, and I can see her genuine concern for her clients.” 

Chiara Ong